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Thee Notes of an Illuminatinizer

Dr.G., fellow psychic and researcher of Thee Temple, is screwed with playing around on this plain-of-reality, and offers some of his notes to play well with others. Thee Notes are of no particular order but that which is beheld.

Sephiroth as an allegory [link]

* Chakras & the Spinal Column [link]
* Bio-energetic fields [link]
* Your soul is a personal quantum reality vortex [link]
* Astral Traveling [link]
* Beyond the Five Senses: Quantum sensory input in animal life [link]
* Computing quantum reality, or, the limitless realm of parallel realities [link]
* Atoms share light across vast distances [link]
* Human Evolution consciously continues... [link]
* "Discovery of quantum vibrations in 'microtubules' inside brain neurons supports controversial theory of consciousness" [link]

Behold, thee dwarf-planet known as Luna, companion of Earth in the Terra system [link]!

* Patents for "New Energy" technologies at "Rex Research" []
* Manipulation of electrons using light [link]
* Magical properties of crystals [link]

Beware, Thee, of the "fake psychic" [link]
Insights into public research into psychic abilities [link]
Bad skepticism [link]

"Psychic Self Defense" by Dion Fortune, an e-book which you can read by requesting a copy from "1st Amendment Distributions" [].
From the Preface: "I am of the opinion that psychic attacks are far commoner than is generally realised, even by occultists themselves. Certainly the general public has no conception at all of the sort of things that are done by people who have a knowledge of the powers of the human mind and set to work to exploit them. In many of the developments the religious aspect was lost sight of, and they simply became a method of mental manipulation for purely personal ends, though not necessarily deliberately evil. Their exponents advertised that they would teach the art of salesmanship, of making oneself popular and dominant in society, of attracting the opposite sex, of drawing to oneself money and success. The amazing number of these courses advertised shows their popularity; in a recent issue of an American magazine I counted advertisements for sixty-three different courses in various forms of mind-power. They would not be so popular if they achieved no results at all."

"Weapons of the Masses", from below, thoughts rise up and take action.

Simeon ben Gamaliel wrote, "The world rests on three things: justice, truth, and peace".
“All Highest, when we are free of sin, we reflect what is above here, below.”
To be without the constraints of artificial morality is different than simply being a psychopath. Many are born with lesions on the cranial amygdala, voiding emotional-based thinking. Separated from feedback from the amygdala, the lack of empathy allows for choices which harm others for pure selfish intent. Other physical features of psychopathic brains include lower activity in the prefrontal cortex; a smaller than normal Orbitofrontal region, and Amygdala; a larger than normal Corpus Callosum (communications bridge between the brains' two hemispheres), and Cavum Septum Pellucidum.

“Carroll Herald” newspaper interview with Dr. Seth Pancoast, 1883-10-17:
[ … ] the divining rod must not be confounded with the magic wand of the kabbalah. The 2 are entirely different. The magic wand is used for controlling intelligences as a hand of authority. It controls this intelligence. Thus I will intelligently a desire. That desire never dies until it is fulfilled, or until it meets a counter-desire. In willing this desire the wand is used, and is of vast power. This distinction between the divining rod and the wand is that the former controls energies or physical substances, while the latter rules over intelligences or spirits.
What makes the best rod? The slender branches of the Hazel tree, or as it is sometimes called: “Witch Hazlewood”. There is something singular about the hazlewood in its power of transmitting what we call subjective energy. It has this power more than any other wood. The oak is the next best, [ … ].
The Hazel tree surpasses all, however, just as certain metals are better than others as conductors of electricity, copper, for instance, being one of the best. So is the wood of the hazel tree the best to convey subjective energy.  [ … ]

* "How to use the energy of a holiday in your magical workings" [link]
* "Scientist Prove DNA Can Be Reprogrammed by Words and Frequencies" [link]

"Liber Null and the Psychonaut: An Introduction to Chaos Magic" by Pater J. Carroll [link]

"The letter G and the number 7", posted at [link]:
While much has been written on the origin and the meaning of the letter G, it is usually considered to be the first letter of a word. Perhaps the most obvious occult quality of G is that it is the seventh letter of our alphabet. This must certainly be of some significance considering the importance of numerology, cabala, and tarot in occultist secret societies. Within the diagram of circles we can actually see the letter G emerge from the number 7.
Notice that surrounding the center circle are six other circles. These seven circles are the first to emerge from the diagram wholly independent of each other.  They are touching at the edges but do not cross. When the other interconnecting circles are removed, these seven form a sort of enclosure, and the letter G.  
This connection of the centers is important; in this diagram we see the letter G, in the larger diagram the lines reveal the five Platonic solids, the only three dimensional shapes with all sides equal and all angles equal.  A variation of connecting lines between centers and intersection points reveals the ten digits, zero through nine, superimposed.

Thee Temple's Lady Katy Kat tending to the Garden

Thee Temple's Cactus Patch in bloom, July, 2013:

Preparing Alcohol [link]

Entheogenic extracts
* Mescaline [link]

Entheogenic oil extracts and chakra points [link]

Entheogenic information:
* []

The Adaptogenic Drink of Choice for contemplation and study at Thee Temple is...
the San Mateo blend (unsmoked) of Yerba Mate, produced by Guayaki of Sebastopol, CA (shown here at the Archive)

Caffeine [link]
* "Caffeine has positive effect on memory" [link]
* Caffeine content of common drinks:
   1oz espresso = 40mg
   8oz Black tea = 50mg
   20oz Coke = 57mg
   8.3oz Red bull = 80mg
   Excedrin tablet = 65mg
   Coffee 12oz = 200mg
   600mg caffeine = 20 mg amphetamine

Beware, Thee! Dangerous chemical combinations can enhance effects, but without prior knowledge of composition, may lead to absolute madness, mental degradation, and death! [link]

NoteWorthy Weblinks:
* []

Psychonaut, the explorer of within! You never got so high... you are outta sight!
Into outer space, and you have nowhere else to turn but inwards! Psychonaut!
Face the terror within, fear not where you tread, there is no one else in there but yourself! Psychonaut!

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